Astro Duo are K-Vector & J-Mars, Audio Scientists - part Human, part Waveform, from the Sirius star system.

Together they created the time travel audio craft known as Troink:
Which allows physical and non-physical entities to access alternative realities through Sound Waves.

On one of their many missions they teleported to our dimension. After conducting various audio experiments, they concluded that there is a controlling element within the population who seek to restrict the understanding of Sound Waves and their effect on Humans.

"The music here seems to be missing something, Mr Vector."

"I agree Mr Mars, we need to re-tune the inhabitants."

"We will use Cymatic Bass frequencies encoded with Sacred Geometry to break the spell put upon themselves. This will enable a collective reconnection via dance floor interaction"

"We must maintain our anonymity to prevent detection on this sensitive mission; building Sonic Pillars of Bass for Future Structures………….."